mimoto flowers

The violas are the leading flowers of our company.
They have three distinctive features:
・an unusual color line-up based on red
・a unique rabbit ear shaped petal
・small size less than 1 cm

They are very durable and attractive:
・being strong in the wind or rain
・blooming with other flowers continuously
・releasing a faint aroma in the air
To be with our "Wild Rabbit" is to feel serenity.


We will continue to develop varieties of flowers such as pansies and clovers with rich indvidual qualities.

company overview

Company Name
Mimoto Engei Co.,Ltd
January 15, 2004
Company executive
Kazuo Mimoto
Head office
2785 Hirookakami,
Haruno-Cho, Kochi-City,
Kochi 781-0301 Japan
Inauguration of business
Contents of Business
Breeding and development of new varieties of flowers